Livbox January/Tammikuu

 Hello! It´s that time of the month again. No, not that time. Monthly Livbox time. Okay, well... I received this box about a month ago already BUT I was busy so I thought I´d just test these products out and write a post when I have time for it. I might as well start by saying I´m not going to continue ordering this box, so, this will be my last box. I enjoyed receiving this subscription box but I am now trying to save up money and to be honest... I only received this box 3 times and I´m already fed up with all the mini tubes and bottles lying around my night stand and my bathroom. All the full size products I got I´ve been really happy with but most of the products are sample size / travel size.

Anyway... Lets see what we got, shall we?

 Seven products were in this box. Two of them full size and rest of them travel/sample size.

 LUMENE LAB age preventing eye cream: I basically love everything skincare related by Lumene. I was very happy to receive this product because it really came into need. Also I think this product is really good and I´ll most likely buy this again if I run out of it. It´s not watery at all, it´s more like a smooth gel like texture which I really enjoy. I´m paranoid about getting wrinkles around my eyes, so I definitely use a cream every morning and night. Lumene has lines that contain things like arctic black currant and arctic blueberry and what else... I don´t really know anything about the effects of those ingredients but I guess it´s fancy..

This is a full size product 19,90€/15ml

 SYSTEM 4 Bio Botanical shampoo and serum: These products are supposed to prevent hair loss and activate hair growth. I´ve been using them but I can´t really tell if they are working for sure. I think the shampoo is good but I don´t like using it. You´re supposed to wash your hair first, then damp it with a towel and put this shampoo on, leave on for a few minutes, go back to shower and rinse it off. Who has time for that? I usually always take a shower early in the morning when I´m most likely in a hurry, or late at night. But I don´t like just hanging out in the bathroom after taking the shower because I´m gonna be really cold. Maybe once a week I might have time and patience to do that but not every time I take a shower. This serum you are supposed to rub in your scalp every day. Yea, I don´t like doing that either. Okay, maybe I´m just lazy and these products aren´t for me.

These are sample sizes (20ml and 10ml). Prices for full size products: 17,90€/215ml and 17,90€/200ml

 ETRÊ BELLE Collagen & Aloe Vera Hydro Eye-Pads: I like eye masks but I can´t really say that this one time use did any miracles. I think this does basically what eye masks usually do. I wish they had given as more than one though. Like... 2 would´ve been nice. The full size package comes with 7 uses, so, I don´t know if you are supposed to use it every day for a week? Oh, the shape of this mask was different from what I´ve used before. Instead of covering only the under eye area it also went above the eye with holes for the eyes.

This is a sample. Price for the full size product is 20€/7 eye-pads

 No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Dry/Very Dry Skin: Always love a face cream. I don´t use this for the day time though because I feel it takes a long time to set in and if I put make up on top of it it´s gonna be hard to blend because the cream is that thick. I do use it sometimes after removing makeup though. It´s quite good but most likely wouldn´t purchase again.

This is a sample size (10ml). Prize for the full size product: 13,90€/50ml

EMMELLE Original Pro+ toothpaste: Really..? REALLY? Toothpaste? No, let me correct that: toothpaste sample!This is definitely a product I wish I didn´t receive. I don´t pay for a beauty box to get toothpaste samples. Unless it´s some kind of super good/fancy toothpaste that I wouldn´t buy by myself. If not then no thanks. It´s supposed to be whitening too. Can´t say it´s even doing that.

 This is a sample size (20ml). Prize for the full size product: 6,50€/75ml

 ISADORA Magnetic Nails nail polish: I was excited about this product because this is one of those things I have wanted to try but not so badly that I would actually go and buy it. I think the magnet is useless but I like the color as it is. Yes, you do get an uneven coloring on the polish with the magnet but I wouldn´t really say it´s something to hype over. Really happy to have this anyway.

This is a full size product 8,20€/6ml

And that´s all there was in there. You get 28,10€ worth of full size products in the box + the sample sizes. The prize for the box is about 15€. Over all I enjoyed the two previous boxes more than this. Maybe I will order again later on but for now I´m gonna continue life without Livbox.


Natalia said...

Great post! The only product that seemed intresting was the lumene age preventing eye cream.:)

TartanBoots said...

I have the same magnet nail polish as well i find the magnet work well but the nail vanish itself is bad and start to chip just a few hours after I put it on.

I would really appreciate it if you could visit my blog: http://tartanboots.blogspot.co.uk/

Talía Cardeña said...

Great post!!! :):)


Helen G said...

lovely post!

from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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Christina Chan said...

Ooh I've been meaning to try out beauty boxes like this! xx


www.theskimplelife.com said...

Great post. It must be fun trying out all the beauty products. =) Lucky you.


t said...

That nail polish looks interesting.