Living with big boobs; my experience + tips

And by "big boobs" I don´t mean C or D cup. I´m talking about real large breasts here. The reason I´m bringing up this subject is because I struggled with insecurities growing up because of the size of my breasts and I really wish I had known these things I´m about to share. Since then I have done my fair share of research and I have grown into being okay with what I was born with (I mean... I wasn't exactly BORN with a huge rack but you know what I mean). And, well, lets just get it out there: I´m 65I in European sizes. Yes, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i! In American sizes that would be about... 30G and in UK 30H.

Here are some things you need to know if you are struggling with your breast size.


It´s very much possible you are wearing the wrong size. Many women do. I wore the wrong size until I was about 19-years-old. It´s important you get yourself measured by a professional when you´re a young adult. Especially if you have larger breasts. This is free and it´s very important. This is not something you can do by yourself, so, gather the courage and go to a lingerie store that sells bigger cup sizes. If you are a teen ask for your mom or another close adult to go with you if that helps. The mistake most women do is that the band under the bust is not tight enough for a proper support and the cups are too small. 

Signs you are wearing the wrong size:
  • The wire should lay tightly on the flesh under your breasts and end in the armpits. If you have finger pace under the wire and the wire doesn´t go all the way under your armpits then most likely you are wearing the wrong size.
  • The band should go around your under bust horizontally. If the band rises in the back then you are most likely wearing the wrong size. 
  •  The band should be tight and supporting but comfortable as well. If the bra slides down on you or the band hurts you then you are most likely wearing the wrong size.
  • If your breast don´t stay in the cups then you are most likely wearing the wrong size. 
  • If your breasts don´t fill the cups completely then you are most likely wearing the wrong size.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or your breasts hurt then you are most likely wearing the wrong size!

Getting measured might be scary but it makes the world of a difference. I went into the store wearing a 70E and came out wearing a 65I and feeling shocked but a lot more comfortable. Before I got measured I felt really uncomfortable in my skin. My boobs wouldn´t stay in my bras and I would feel really uncomfortable every second through life and my boobs would hurt because my bra wouldn´t support their weight properly. I hated my breasts. I hated them and I wish I had normal size like other girls. The moment I started wearing the right size, I finally felt comfortable in a bra and I started feeling comfortable with what I have. You can´t be happy with what you have if you don´t feel comfortable with them.


Now that you know your size, you can go and buy a proper bra. If you are in a same kind of situation that I am in; my band size couldn´t be much smaller and my cup size couldn´t be a lot bigger (it´s a very difficult combo...). So, when you go looking for a bra, you can´t just go to any store you wish. Many stores only have sizes ´till DD or E cup. You have to find yours in a special store that sells bigger cup sizes. Special stores have special prizes as well. Prepare to pay 50-60 euros for your bra. You have to accept the fact you wont have a bra in every color you wish and at first it might be hard to find the type you like. But it´s better to have a few really good bras than to have a pile of nice looking, poorly fitting bras. 

You might notice that many bras that come in big cup sizes are granny style, fabric cups without padding. I don´t know why they think that if you have big boobs you would prefer just the fabric without padding. Bras with padding give a lot nicer shape. Don´t settle, keep looking. There are nice padded bras with big cup sizes out there. All of my bras are from Wonderbra. They have really nice youthful and sexy bras in several different sizes. Sizes may differ with different brands. When you find a brand that fits you well then you can buy your bras from online as well. When you have a rare size then stores might only get a few styles in your size. Don´t be shy to ask when they get a new collection in, so that you can be the first to grab your size.

If you are a teenager, ask your parents for money and let them know it´s really important to get a proper bra or ask for a gift certificate for birthday/Christmas. My mom and sister are both A-B cup but my aunt has the same boob genes that I do, so, she knew my struggle and gave me a gift certificate to a special store.


Working out is uncomfortable and painful? Well, then you are not wearing a proper sports bra. Finding a sports bra that fits is gonna be even harder than finding a proper bra. I suggest buying your sports bra from a brand that specialises in sports bras (such as Stay In Place). I still haven´t found any that are large-breast-friendly but I find it that if the band under your bust is tight enough and the fabric is tight enough to keep your boobs inside the sports bra then that´s already a win. 


I know... Sleeping can be painful as well. Or rather every moment without bra can be painful. I used to sleep in a bra but then I heard it´s really bad for you. Some time ago I figured out a trick that helps me sleep less painfully. I wear a sort of like a sports bra when I go to bed. Not nearly as tight as the one that I wear when I workout but more like a wireless/cup less bra if you know what I mean. It´s not so tight that it would be uncomfortable but it keeps my boobs together and prevents them from stretching everywhere. Sleeping on your back is the least damaging to your breasts. If you can sleep on your back then lucky you.


If you have really large breasts and never had/have back pain then you can consider yourself really lucky. Having the right size bra helps already but I suggest you work on you back muscles and pay attention to your posture. Make sure you pull your shoulders lightly backwards while standing and that you sit up with your back straight. Having strong back muscles help you keep up the posture and will prevent pain on your back and neck. It´s better if you work your whole middle body (back, stomach, sides) for the best results. At the same time you get a more fit body.


Now, this is something I commonly googled when I was younger: "how can I make my boobs smaller?". The thing is... You can´t. There is no workout tip or a diet tip that will make your boobs smaller. Boobs are fat tissue. You can´t make fat disappear from only one area in your body. If you lose weight and your fat % goes down, your boobs will get smaller too but so will your stomach, butt, thighs... This will differ with everyone because we all have different bodies. For some boobs might be the first place where you lose fat, for some it might be the last... I still had big boobs when I was 10 kg smaller than I am today. So, yes... Your boobs will become smaller if you grow muscle and burn fat tissue but you can´t make your boobs smaller with workout without changing your whole body. Breast reduction is really the only way you can change your breast size.


First... let me tell you I´m no doctor. But like I said, I´ve done my fair share of research regarding this subject as I had already decided to go for a breast reduction until I changed my mind. If you are reading this then there´s a chance you have considered it also. Here are some things you should know:

  • You should have a doctors opinion. You can go see and talk to a doctor before you even decide if you want the surgery or not. The surgery can be done in a hospital or by a plastic surgeon.
  • If you are on a diet you should reach your ideal weight before you go have a reduction because you don´t know how much your size might change until you reach your goal. You might not want the surgery when you´ve reached your ideal weight.
  • There will be scars. In most cases the scar will be anchor shaped, with a curved scar underneath the breast and a vertical scar from underneath the breast to the nipple and around the nipple. How the scar will heal is personal.
  • In some cases they will need to remove the nipple and sew it back on. You might not necessarily get back the sense in your nipple.
  • If you plan on getting children and want to breast feed then you should know that if your surgery contains removal of the nipple then you wont be able to breast feed after the reduction. So, you might want to consider having the reduction after getting children rather than before.
  • If you are very young I suggest you wait for your body and mind to grow. When you are young it´s more likely your body will still change and you might change your mind later. As a young adult you are probably more self-conscious than you will be in a few years and it´s very much possible you will learn to love your body the way it is.

I´m not trying to encourage anyone to go through a surgery. It´s completely up to you if you decide to have the surgery or not. For some women it might be the only option because of the health problems and personal problems. If you doubt, don´t do it. I had already decided I need to have it done but I couldn´t. I was doubting if it was really what I needed and wanted, so, I decided to wait. I´m still thinking I might do it some day but for now I´m completely happy with my body. Every bit of it. We are all different and anyone can learn to love themselves the way they are. It´s better to give yourself a chance to love yourself before you decide to change yourself.

 I hope this post was helpful for all you big breasted girls out there. Feel free to ask me anything if I forgot to mention something.


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