Taiteiden yö / Night of arts 2014


Just a quick photo post from tonight´s "night of arts". I worked late tonight, so, I missed a lot of events but had time to visit a few.

1. - 5. #muotiratikka. I´m still kind of not sure exactly what this was about because this show was called "fashiontram" and we were actually looking for a real tram but never found it. They had closed the street for a fashion show and there was a DJ playing. Still don´t know who designed the clothes in the show or what brands were involved but fashion show in the middle of the street is a cool idea.

6. Construction area, please enter! Here they were building Guggenheim-museum, childrens´ hospital and the city library of cardboard boxes and tape.

7. People getting ready to lift the building. That´s how these were build layer by layer and anyone could help. I helped! We went inside to lift it so they could put the last boxes underneath.

8. - 9. People watching the installations being build and destroyed on the church steps.

10. Finished buildings just moments before they went down.

11. And down goes Guggenheim.

12. Just a random tram we walked by full of old people drinking sparkling and singing.

13. Yea, me, okay awkward... Bye!

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Anonymous said...

Yay for bloggin!! :) Great night, great art. :)