This is just a short, simple post of me and my friend´s lunch at this restaurant called rafla (Uudenmaankatu, Helsinki). I was supposed to post this about a month ago but then life got in the way. I got really sick. I was in a hospital for almost a week and I had stomach surgery. Now after a month I´m not sure what I was supposed to write. I don´t quite remember what I had either. Fish, potatoes and green things and then banana pancakes for dessert with some kind of caramel I think. Oh and wine! It´s totally okay to have wine with your first meal for the day, right? Anyway... I like this restaurant for lunch. Simple and good food. And I really like potatoes in my food. I rarely order fish in a restaurant because it´s often served with some kind of prepared vegetables (often the type that I don´t really care for). Why don´t restaurants use potatoes more?

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Anonymous said...

Lounas aina maistuu näin ihanan seuran kanssa! Onneks et maininnu sitä kuinka melkein pudotin sun kameran... :D Oli hauskaa, joskus uusiks? :)