Morocco photo diary: Tanger



 (edit by Maylee Keo)
  (edit by Maylee Keo)

I started my trip in Morocco from Tanger. The trip didn´t start so smoothly as both of my flights were late and instead of arriving in Tanger at 11pm it was already past 3am. On top of that the receptionist had decided to go to sleep instead of waiting for me as they promised when I called the hostel earlier. So, instead of having the receptionist pick me up from the parking lot they told me to take a taxi to, I followed a helpful old man through the dark medina and probably woke up a lot of people by ringing the doorbell half a dozen times until someone let me in the hostel. Still not the receptionist. The receptionist was nowhere to be found so I decided it´s better I just find an empty bed and deal with the check-in in the morning.

I left on this trip by myself but in the end I didn´t spend much time on my own as there are a lot of solo travelers and backpackers travelling Morocco. I found new friends the first morning in the hostel. In Tanger we did a lot of walking around the medina, went to the beach, ate fresh seafood at the harbour and visited a palace. I only booked 2 nights in Tanger but I feel there probably was more worth seeing there.

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