Colorful and not so colorful resort 2010

Basso & Brooke

Well, it´s colorful! And so fresh. You could think that if you plash this many different colors together it would look messy. But no! This looks so fresh in my opinion. I wish I sometimes looked fresh like this. The prints are heavenly! They are like real art. Those dresses... ahhh.

Moschino Cheap & Chic

I actually in my imagination cool chics in Paris look like this. I´ve never been there so I don´t know what they look like. But everybody has their own idea of what they look like and in my world parisians look like this.

Roksanda Ilincic

First of all: I love shiny shoes! And I think that pieces of clothing are more interesting when they have that contrast. Just for example black with white or some bright color. That is much more interesting than shades of 1 color. And did I mention I love shiny shoes?


emily said...

you can always choose the best pieces of a collection. :) you have a great blog!

Jenna said...

oh thank you! it´s nice to hear that you like my blog! :)