Get ready for some sucky swedish.

Hej! Jag hade inte skrivat mycke. Ny skrivar jag! Jag skrivar i svenska därför at min syster och bror kan inte veta at jag var i Sverige. Det var jätte kiva. Vi var i min mammas kusins mammas (I don´t know what aunt is in swedish...) bile(???)...

Ok, I suck at swedish! I was at my mom´s aunt´s bday party in Sweden almost 2 weeks ago. Yes, relatives in Sweden! We had a lot of fun. I hope we go back before summer ends. I wish I was better in swedish though. Half of the people at the party spoke finnish and half sweden. And half spoke both (ok, that´s 3 halfs already. Does it make any sense?).

Well, anyway... Let´s get to the nicer things. We were in Uppsala and we happened to have some time on Saturday before the party started, so we went a little shopping! Now I have to say that I love that city! It´s so pretty. Because I´m still on a small budget (like always...) I only bought 2 things from this store called Bikbok.

This floral shirt/dress with 3/4 sleeves. I love flowers and the colors in this. Looks good with 1 of my fave nail polishes and gladiator sandals.

And these pink leggings. They scare most of the people who have seen them. But I actually bought them for a 80´s party that I´m going this month. I haven´t worn them anywhere yet but maybe I could try sometime. You´ll see!

EDIT: I uploaded a lot of photos and it took me forever to place them in this post and they ended up looking stupid in the blog even though they looked good on the preview, so I gave up and deleted them. Sorry!


Miss Ellie said...

I love the bright pink colour!

Wendy said...

The 1st two pictures are beautiful :) u look gorgeous with the wind blowing your hair! is that a sunset view there?


Jenna said...

thank you! :) yea, it´s sunset. we almost missed it because we couldn´t find our way to the deck of the ship :D