I´ve been around

Friis & Company bag and Converse shoes.
Second hand belt for 5€.
Black and gold bikinist that I bought last summer from H&M.
Bangles from H&M. Leather 1 made by me.
Gladiator sandals from Dinsko or Andiamo. I bought them last summer and I´m still in love with them.


Wendy said...

the last strappy sandals is my favourite among the items there :)


Jenna said...

heh yea :p there is text in this post too but i didn´t want it to ruin the pics, so i whited it out haha. so, the font is white but it´s still there :D

Miss Ellie said...

I love the strappy sandals aswell as the Converse, I have the same except low tops and I love the bracelets and the bag also.