Makeup madnes!

I´ve gone crazy over makeup products lately. I love getting new products and trying new things. And not just that but I´ve started following beauty blogs aswell and watching makeup tutorials is my new way to relax. I don´t know what´s happening to me.

When I shop for clothes I´m in control. I know what I want and what I definitely don´t need. I don´t that often find so many things that I like. With makeup it´s the exact opposite. I have no control over myself whatsoever! A few weeks ago there was a sale in an department store near me. I was like a kid in a candy store and grapped a little bit of everything. I am NOT allowing myself to go in cosmetics departments anymore. But here are some things I have purchased lately.

 Lumene: Long-Wear Crystal eyeshadow 23 Ice Crystal and 34 Bluebells

This Finnish brand´s packacking is not one of my favorites but their products are quite good. I already had one eyeshadow from this line but these were on sale, so... It was hard to catch the shades in natural light but the left one is shimmery, shiny, pale pink-ish color which is nice for a night out. It gives a little sparkle without being too princessy. The one on the right is a little bit warmer than it seems in the photo. It´s not very pigmented but I like it because I can wear it in a day-time makeup and it´s not too obvious that I´m wearing purple eyeshadow. 

To be honest I have only used this purpe shadow once. I don´t know if it was a bad coincidence or if I had an allergic reaction to this eyeshadow. The day that I tried it on for the first time my eyes were itchy all day. When I finally got home and took of my makeup it hurt so much it was hard to keep my eyes open. Then my eyes were swollen to the point I started to be really worried. I don´t know if it was because of this eyeshadow but I´m not ready to try again.

 Gosh: Trio Eye Shadow TR22 Limelight and Lipstick 134 Darling

I love Gosh. The packaging is so nice; pretty and simple! I would be lying if I said I wasn´t more drawn to products that have nice design. This is my new favorite lipstick. It´s a pretty nude-ish color without being too pale or too close to skin tone. At least for me. I think this is a color that will look fabulous on some and awful on the rest. Depending on your skin tone. The texture is very creamy and feels moisturizing. Love. My second favorite lipstick is also from Gosh. And my favorite liquid liners are from Gosh too! Oh gosh... 

Then this trio eyeshadow is something I grapped from the -50% table. I don´t know why I thought I could rock these colors (pastel lime, gold-ish yellow, sky blue)..? They are all shimmery, a little sheer and feel soft. Maybe I will try them out soon.

 MaxFactor: Lasting Performance 100 Fair

I´ve had trouble finding a foundation to match my skin tone (that would be pasty) and this one is the closest so far even though it´s a liiiiitle bit too dark. But I´m hoping summer will change that problem. Summer is when my skin tone changes from "I´m dying" to "I´m alive but I haven´t been outside for years". This foundation is good for me because my foundation needs to be liquid (my skin gets dry easily) and I´m not looking for a heavy coverage. If you´re looking for full on coverage then I don´t think this is for you.
 IsaDora: Velvet Touch Compact Powder 10 Sheer transparent

This is one of the products you try and then you wonder how you ever lived without it. Seriously. This is my most trusted beauty product of the moment. The texture is very fine. I used to wear loose powder before because all the compact powders I tried made my skin tone look off. Then with loose powder I had the problem that it could easily make my skin look dry. This one doesn´t change my skin tone, doesn´t make my skin look dry or cakey, it feels very soft... It´s the very best thing in the world!

 Maybelline New York: Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h 01 Intense Black

 I very much like this eyeliner because it´s super easy to apply. It makes a very strong and sharp line. I also like the design of it. But I´m not completely convinced that it lasts 24 hours. Especially if it´s a thick line with a thick layer of product on it. I accidentaly rubbed on my wing at a party and had to re-draw it (emergency eyeliner pen in my purse). I think it lasts well as long as you don´t rub it. I still like this eyeliner though. But NO rubbing!

We Care Icon: Magnetic Eyes eyeshadow 07 Perfect Syren and Party Wear glow highlighter

This brand was completely new to me but it caught my eye because Laura Laine illustrated the packaging. Both of these products were on sale which is why I thought I´d give it a try. The light purple eyeshadow is very sheer, almost invisible. You really need to layer it up for it to be visible. The highlighter has too much pink/bronze glitter in it. You can only add it on your cheek bones, so, it doesn´t work very well ass a highlighter. Also I think it wears of quite easily. I don´t think I would buy from this brand again.

More about the Sleek Makeup palettes later...


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MbF said...

I just got some from Lumene myself. So I hear you on this post. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too soon.

Jasu said...

mulla on ihan sama pakkauksien kanssa! mua vetoo aina meikit jotka näyttää hienoilta! tykkään monista lumenen tuotteista paljon, mutta niiden rasiat on niin rumia mun meilestä, että en omista niitä paljoo:D tyhmäähänse on mutta silti. ja rakastan just esim goshin meikkien ulkonäköö! ja onhan ne tosi hyviäkin oon ihan rakastunu niitten luomiväreihin!

käy ihmeessä katoon mun blogi,
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