Spring / kevät!

I´m so excited that spring is finally (almost... There´s still a bit of snow here and there.) here. It was actually sunny about an hour before we started playing with the camera but it´s still freezing. Trust me... I was rebelling against the weather with my bare ankles. But yay, spring! Spring is when you make plans for the summer. Here´s what I plan on doing:

-Roadtrip! Me and my friend Nata have been thinking about driving around the Turku archipelago ring road (a long road that goes from island to island with bridges and ferries). It´s gonna be awesome! It´s something I´ve wanted to do for a long time.
-Flow festival in Helsinki.
-I would love to visit Uppsala and Stockholm in Sweden again. I could maybe practise my Swedish.
-Spend a lot of time on the beach. Unless it´s a super cold summer again like last year..
-Consume a lot of ice cream and strawberries.
-Party hard and often. Summers are for spending time in parks on friday nights and for drinks on a terrace.
-Take a lot of photos.
-Maybe learn to play guitar again.

What are your plans for the summer?


natalia said...

Mä oon messis! Varsinki puisto dokailuun... ;)

gabi said...

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cavaan said...

This is super cute, I'm terrified of summer here because it's so humid! One summer though, not too many ago, I booked a ticked to somewhere in Finland (cheap ryanair flight haha) but I never even made it to the destination where the flight was leaving from because I was frolicking in stockholm for too many days (not really practising my swedish either at all).

cavaan said...

Okay that comment ended badly because the html code I wanted for 'either' didn't work (!). I'll be leaving now. Embarrassed.