Life through instagram

Like I said... The last few months have been busy for me. First: I was sick for 3 months. 3 months!!! 5 doctor appointments, 2 rounds of lab tests, 1 lung x-ray and 2 antibiotics later I'm finally getting my energy back and I feel great. So, because of that and other things I haven't really had an interesting life lately.

 1. Cafes are still one of my favorite spots to hang out.
2. A drawing I made a while ago. I need to do more of it.
3. Drawings on my friend´s wrists. I need to do less of this.
4. Mango mojitos. The best drinks I know right now! Mbar, Helsinki.
5. Some ballpoint pen on Daphne. When I was a kid me and my friend used to draw makeup on celebs in her mom`s gossip magazines. It was a lot of fun.
6. Spring time in Helsinki.
7. Confetti nails. (I have this nail look on right now.)
8. A card my dear friend Tama sent me from Japan. Tadanori Yokoo´s graphics. Love!

(I just realized not all of these are from instagram, just otherwise crappy iPhone photos.)


natalia said...

ahh, muistoja! Ehk me ollaanki tehty jtn tänä vuonna: hengattu stokkal, shoppailtu, oltu kahvilla ja yksil... :D

Sofia said...

vitsi tää sun blogis on kyl aivan ihana<3 tykästyin tähän heti kun tänne tulin! :)

fashionsituation.blogspot.com <3

MK GK said...

Great pictures! I love Helsinki (I used to live there for a few years)!

xoxo from England,