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Aaah, it´s so good way to save 15 mins of my morning time by putting the next day´s clothes ready somewhere. Usually I´m too tired to think in the morning and end up wearing whatever comes to my hand first. And even if I did know what to wear, I often don´t know where they are. I have this bad habit to leave my clothes exactly where I take them off. And that can be anywhere in my flat.

So, I took these photos last night of the clothes I put up for today.
  • big grey sweater
  • black and white scarf
  • soft leopard hat (I love this! I bought it earlier this week.)
  • black leggings
  • heavy boots
And on monday I wore that dress you can see me wearing in the mirror. +black thights, a long sleeved shirt under the dress (it´s getting colderrr), that same scarf and the same boots.
Those shoes are the best shoes I own at the moment! I wear them almost every day when it starts to get colder. I´ve had them fixed at least twice already. I always wear them over pants and the zippers don´t like that... A man came to me on sunday and asked where I got them. He said they were cool and wanted shoes like that too. Then he asked me out. I think he had a 15 years old son with him. "Ummm, no."
That´s a lot of animal print btw! Dress, hat, scarf and maybe even the sweater kind of. It has these thin black stripe things going through it. But they are not so obvious, so maybe it doesn´t matter...

And thank you Hemppa (in the photo) for coming here this weekend! I had fun. Even though we ate all the time :) Saturday: eating out, hanging around, going to movies... Sunday: eating out, hanging around, hair modelling thing-CANCELED.

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Jowy said...

Adore the big grey sweather..cosy warm and stylish!

One Love,