a.y. Not Dead

This looks like fall to me. I´d sell my soul to the devil to look like that. I´ve wanted a fake fur jacket since I saw this collection, which was... umm... 2 months ago? Possibly... But now when there are faux fur jackets in all the stores, I´m not sure if I want 1 anymore. I mean I do! Maybe? But I haven´t found the One yet and I´m kind of broke (yes, still...) and in need of eye glasses. Plus they are all so thick and they make me look fat ´cause I´m short and I don´t have stick thin legs like the model above.

It´s interesting to see who will buy a fur jacket and what kind of people. I doupt it´ll become a must-have thing for a bigger mass. It takes some courage to wear it. But I could be wrong.

Ohh! My friend Nata has 2 faux fur jackets already! She bought the other 1 from ebay a while ago and the other 1 from somewhere but I promised I wouldn´t tell where she bought it (so that others wont find/buy the same jacket).

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