Play with your head

I´m fucking obsessed with that hat. I can´t even use awful roots as my excuse anymore. And that headband I just made. I was thinking about making a flower on it but I´m not sure about that yet. I´d use that same fabric and some black satin. It could look nice!

Tomorrow´s plan:
10.00am: dentist (eeks!)
2.30pm: seeing a friend and then propably going to buy feathers and other stuff for a headband that I´m doing at school
4.00pm: at the gym for wushu training

...and the rest of the night I could spend looking for head inspiration. And oh... I´m not going to school because I have a short day tomorrow and the dentist in the middle of it. S/S2010 fashion shows are out and i haven´t posted anything about them. I´ll maybe get back to that later.

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