I need to do laundry.

And I need shoes like these Tristan Blair shoes in my live! And I need someone to sponsor my shopping. Anyone interested?? :) Yea, yeah... I know I should get a job. But no one wants me!! o.o (maybe because I´m 16 and I don´t have much experience and I´m a student..? Sucks...)
Ok! I´m currently in Turku and I´m about to go explore the city with my sister soon-ish. I read Trendi magazine last month and they had a little article about a new store wich sells local young designers´ clothes and I want to check it out! Too bad that I don´t remember the name of the store and I ´don´t quite remember where it is... hmm. I know this city better than any other city, so, it can´t be hard to find it riiight? hehe. Later tonight I´ll be going to see a movie with my friend. Don´t know what movie. We´ll see :)

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