Some little things about my school.

We have next week off from school. It´s cool but I´m not saying that I don´t like school. Actually, my school is a dream. Things we´ve done this week: practised sewing collars and sleeves, made patterns, designed shirts/blouses and studied about cotton and linen fibres. So, we´ve had sewing lessons, material lessons, patterns and fitting and designing with a computer (remember that I study in finnish and I only know these names in finnish).

Designing has been my favorite. On Wednesday we went to the computer class and we were told to go to style.com and other sites to look for the upcoming trends. And our teacher showed us the color forecasts for fall 2010 (ordering that color map would cost around 130€) and for all the seasons before that.

I uploaded some pics of the stuff I´ve done for myself at school so far. We don´t only make clothes for ourselves. We also make clothes and other textiles for our school´s store.

This is the first shirt I made for myself in this school. I haven´t woren it yet. Somehow it just doesn´t seem to work well with my other clothes. Maybe I come up with some use for it next summer. My dressmaker´s form has quite wide shoulders and it was a battle to even put the shirt on it.

This one I just got home and I already wore it once.

Now I have to go to sleep so that I wake up for school tomorrow morning. From 8.30am to maybe 2pm, sewing and patterns I think. Our teacher is sick and we have some old b i t c h (I usually like teachers but I could stab this one. KIDDING) telling us what to do. I try to finish one skirt, that I´m making out of my old jeans, when she´s not around.

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