Watch out! She´s gonna take your clothes!

I saw this pillowcase on my mom´s bed and the first thing in my mind was that "hey, after a little work that would look good as a bag!" and I was about to ask my mom if I can have it (or actually I think I would have just told her that I´m taking it) but then I realized that I would be an awful person if I did that!!! Like seriously... I always wear everyone´s clothes when I go back home (mom´s, sister´s, brother´s and sometimes even dad´s...) and I have already taken 2 of my mom´s shirts this year.
So, I think I´m gonna try to stick to my own clothes and stuff for a while. Maybe next week I can ask mom about that pillowcase. She has 2 of them, anyway! I can offer to make a bag for her too :)

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