i´m in loooove....

...with Rodarte!! More and more every day and every time I see their work. If you don´t know them yet (is that possible?), you should check them out to know why everyone is talking about them and why everyone is all crazy about them. <3
Our teacher called me this morning that we didn´t have school today. The air contidioning in our scool went broken during the weekend. I was almost ready to go, so, I decided to get coffee with my friend and walk around the city and stores. First I was like "no! I can resist. I´m saving money! I´m not buying, not buying, not buying, not buying..." but then I gave up and ended up spending about 50€. I bought: nails, new fake eyelashes, Teen Vogue magazine, 4 thights, 3 different fabric colours and a zip (for a skirt I´m making). Oopsies...? hehe. And I also put 2 shoes on reservation. I have ´till tomorrow to decide if I really want(/need) them.
I wore kind of dark clothes today. I have to fix my jacket before I go to sleep. I lost a button :(

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