I wish I could go back to believing everything and knowing nothing at all.

I guess I could say that I love childish things. It was so easy being a child. We didn´t need to worry about things. Unfortunately for me, everytime I did something, that I didn´t usually do, I hurt myself. My sister and brother were totally crazy. They climbed trees and stuff but when I tried to climb a tree, my foot got stuck and someone had to come get me because I couldn´t get it off and I was scared of highs.
That´s my "jewellery" today. Those are the same candies I had before and I think I should get new ones. Not because I eat them (because I don´t! eww) but because these don´t smell as good as they used to. haha :p. That car was a Kinder Surprise and I just put it on a chain. Clever, huh?

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