Alexander Wang, will you marry me?

You can forget about the bags I posted earlier. I found the winner! This is the bag I really want. It´s perfect! And other clothes on the model are kind of perfec too. *sight*
I´m trying my hardest to stay awake. Yesterday when I got home, almost straight from school, I went to sleep (around 6pm) and woke up once to answer one call and pay a bill and then I went back to sleep and slept ´till morning and still felt like staying in bed. Today I got home before 4pm and then I ate and started reading Vogue. I fell asleep on my Vogue and woke up a few minutes ago and thought it was already morning. I´m still damn tired but I don´t want to sleep all the time! What is going on?? If this is all because I decided to stop drinking coffee, I go drink some coffee right now! haha
Yesterday I bought a blazer, some panties and denim leggings. When I tried those denim leggings on yesterday, they felt like the right size but today I didn´t have tights under them and now they were too loose... aah.

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