VIP= Volume Is Poison

If some of you happened to be around Helsinki´s Forum last night 7pm-9pm, I´m sure you noticed the "VIP"-event in H&M. You could only get in with an invitation (shown above). There was free snacks and drinks and everything was 20% off. That´s why I almost didn´t go, because I was sure that I´d be broke after it. But it was H&M after all, so I didn´t even find anything interesting enought to buy. I´ve become quite picky lately. But it´s just good!

I promised myself that I would never post food porn but yeah...
These are the 2 stylists that styled 4 or 5 girls. And then the styled girls too... I don´t think I´d like to be styled. I wouldn´t like someone telling me what to wear.

When I left I got a bag that had these inside.

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