"i want to drink that blue liquid in that coca cola bottle"."don´t! it´s window cleaner!"

It´s 1.20am so it´s basicly Sunday already. That means that school starts tomorrow and I´ll be going home tonight. I´ve been in Turku for a week now. I was at Tuuli´s bday party on last Saturday and then I went to Wild´s (Wild is a night club) bday party with Kata and Anni on Tuesday. And what else have I done? Well... I´ve slept well and I´ve seen friends. Which is good because it´ll be April when I have time to come here again. And I went to see movies with Veera one day. We saw a finnish movie called Kielletty hedelmä. I haven´t chosen yet if I liked it or not haha. And I found a perfect bag and I didn´t buy it and now I kind of regret that I didn´t! But yea... I´m still trying to save money!

10 points for the one who knows where the last picture was taken.

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