I finally finished the Africa project that I have to give to my teacher tomorrow. I spent hours doing it but it was worth it because I´m pretty happy with how it rurned out. It´s kind of childish at some parts and I wrote my signature almost upside down haha. You can´t see all the details in this picture but this was the best I got.
Tomorrow is the last day when we have normal subjects like math, english, swedish, p.e. and stuff like that. Then we go back to our vocational studies. YAY!! I can´t wait to get back in front of the sewing machine. I heard that we have new people in our class. I have to wake up early so that I can get the same table and sewing machine than I had last time haha :D I´m gonna be super mad if someone else takes my place!!

I´m happy that my mom and my sister came here yesterday but there are 2 things that I don´t like my mom to comment: the way I dress and the way I eat! She wears always sweat pants and a loose t-shirt. And she says something about my clothes no matter what I wear! I shop clothes for her if she needs something because she doesn´t even know how to shop. So, what can she really say about the way I dress? haha. She hates layering the most. And my cut jeans and leggings...
And what comes to the way I eat? Well, I eat pretty simple food. What can I say? I´m an unemployed, 16-year old student who lives alone. I rather spend more money on clothes than make proper food for my self every day :p Cereals, bread and noodles go just fine for me! Before my mom left home she went to the store and bought me a load of food (food that I have to prepare before I can eat -__- haha) and my sister wanted to buy me a houseplant (O.o excuse me! That´s very sweet but I can´t keep even a cactus alive!). So, I´m very grateful! I don´t have to shop food for at least a week :)

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