grab your hair-drier and come out with me to smelt the snow with it

I went to asos.com to just watch some shoes. Must enjoy shoe porn, right?
These are also available in black. For about 70£

These are only about 30£ which is not bad at all.

I need shoes that are not black like most of my shoes are. Does someone know how to do magic? I want the snow to go away. I´m not sure if my awesome idea of smelting snow with a hair-drier would work. If you try it, let me know what happens!


The Darkness said...

Hey...could you temme the reference number of these pair of shoes...the black and white one...(second one for 30 pounds)...I tried searching for them on asos.com...cldnt find them....

Jenna said...

I´m sorry, I don´t think they have them stocked anymore :/